Adopted by the Executive Committee, March 29, 1978.

Revised August 14, 2013

General Rules For Competition

Please read Print Competition Rules and Digital Image Competition Rules  for requirements specific to those competitions

  1. Competition is open to all paid up members, life members and honorary members.
    Those from whom dues are payable must have paid by October 15, otherwise no entries will be accepted from that person and their prior point accumulation will be forfeited.
  2. The Competition Year begins in September and ends in May.
    Monthly competitions will be held according to the calendar for the current season. The competition dates may be changed by the President when reasonable notice can be given. Advanced notice will be given for all special competitions.  All digital images must be uploaded to PhotoContest Pro by midnight on the Saturday before the competition.
  3. Competitions will be held in the following categories:
    Black & White/Monochrome Prints
    Color Prints
    Digital Nature
    Digital Pictorial
  4. Competition entries will be judged in three classes:
    Beginner (Class “B”), Advanced (Class “A”), and Salon.  Competitors will be classified according to ability. If a member competes in Nature, Pictorial, Color Prints and Black & White Prints, he or she may be assigned to different classes for each category.
  5. New members will be assigned to Class “B “, unless the Scorekeeper or category Chairpersons determine that Class “A” is indicated. This may be decided when a new member joins or within a reasonable time.  No new members will be permitted into Salon Class.
  6. Except for new members, class changes may only be made at the end of a Competition Year.
    A member in Class B receiving high score or seven (7) or more acceptances in monthly competition year will be promoted to Class A. Class “A” high point and 2nd place total winners only will be moved up to the Salon Class. This will apply to all categories. Advancement into the Salon Class can only occur from advancement from Class “A”.
  7. Entries will be scored by the judge from 3 to 9 points.
    9 is a medal; 8 is an award; and 7 is an honorable mention. In computing point accumulations, one extra point will be credited for each entry submitted for the first time.
  8. Accepted entries, those entries that have already received a 7, 8 or 9, may not be re-submitted in any other category at any time or in any form ever, except in the current-year-end competition. For example, an image submitted digitally may not be resubmitted as a print, and a color print may not be resubmitted as a black & white.
  9. An entry that is different but similar to an entry already judged will not be considered a new entry. If an entry is determined to be similar by the Scorekeeper, the image will be disqualified.
  10. An “improved” entry, whether reprinted, remounted, is not a new entry, and will be disqualified.
  11. Entries scoring six (6) or less may be resubmitted as originally presented in the same category, in the same club competition year, without the benefit of the extra point.
    In a digital entry, the title must have an (X) after the title so that the Scorekeeper is aware that this entry is resubmitted. Example “Flower (X)” or “Great Landscape(X)”. In print competition on the entry form the new entry column is NOT checked off if a print is resubmitted.
  12. Any member may submit only one TCC “studio night” picture per competition, in each category.
  13. All entries must have titles.
    An entry submitted with “no title” or “untitled” will not be accepted for competition. The titles on the entry form must agree with the title on the back of the print.
  14. Entries must be original images taken by the entrant and with a camera. Images may not be created from scratch by drawing, using computer software or any other non-photographic means.
  15. A member who has missed a competition shall be allowed to submit make-up entries in the next regular competition immediately following the missed competition.
    This “grace” will be granted to each member only once during the competition year. Members are allowed to submit makeup entries for one missed competition for Digital Pictorial, Digital Nature, and/or Prints.
  16. The category Chairperson and Scorekeeper shall be charged with monitoring entries and making appropriate decisions to ensure that all rules are complied with.
  17. All questions and disputes by any member regarding the Chairperson or Scorekeeper’s decision shall be resolved by the President, Vice President, Scorekeeper and the appropriate category Chairperson.
  18. Minimum number of entrants per class for monthly competitions will be two. If there is only one entrant, that person will have the option to compete in the next higher level, if possible.
  19. Number of entries for each competition shall be decided by the Executive Board and posted in the Calendar page on the website.


Rules For Year-End Digital And Print Competitions

  1. The Year-End Competition will consist of three categories:
    • Digital Pictorial/Nature
    • Monochrome/Black & White Prints
    • Color Prints
  2. Any entry regardless of score can be entered in the Year-End Competition.
  3. The maximum number of entries per person, per category will be determined by the Executive Committee and posted on the Calendar page of the website.
  4. The member shall select their entries.
  5. The entrant does not have to be present at the competition.
  6. The minimum number of entrants necessary to allow the presentation of a Digital Image or Print of the Year Award shall be two (2). If there is only one entrant, the entrant shall be given the opportunity of being judged with the next higher class.
  7. All competitors for Prints (Color or Black & White) must have entered a minimum of eight (8) new entries in each category.  In Digital Competition the TOTAL of eight (8) new images must have been entered in the Pictorial category. Then the entrant can choose from any one of their Nature or Pictorial images for the Year-End choice of 4 Digital images.