Revised August 14, 2013

Before entering any images into competition please read the Rules for Competition

  1.  Digital images can be entered in two categories, Nature and Pictorial.
    • Nature
      Color and Black & White images accepted. For Nature images, the Club will follow the rules of the Photographic Society of America, which, in brief, means that the “Hand of Man” shall not be visible (no houses, roads, fences, etc.); and that no pets or domestic animals or cultivated plants shall be used. Photographs of banded birds are acceptable. For a complete definition of PSA’s nature rules click on the following link: “What Is Nature Photography”. Nature images may be cropped. Images that are disqualified by the judge may be resubmitted in Pictorial competition as a new image.
    • Pictorial
      Color and Black & White images accepted. Subject matter is open and allows for creative post processing.
  2. The photographer’s name, trademarks and/or copyright notices may not appear in an image.
  3. Digital entries must be submitted electronically via PhotoContest Pro.
  4. The number of entries allowed for each competition is posted in the Calendar page on the website.

Digital Image Preparation

All images must adhere to the specifications set forth below in order to be projected correctly.

  1. Image size must be 1050 pixels along the longest side (horizontal or vertical) including borders. Square images, where both dimensions are 1050 are acceptable.
  2. Maximum file size is 1.5 megabytes. The PhotoContest Pro software used for competitions will not accept a larger file size.
  3. Resolution should be a minimum of 102 ppi. A higher resolution may be used, but file size must not be larger than 1.5 megabytes. (In Photoshop and Elements resolution should be changed before the pixel dimensions.)
  4. File format must be JPEG. Save image as a JPEG and include ICC Profile.  For Image Compression or Quality choose large/maximum. (10/11 in Photoshop/Elements.)
  5. Color Space should be sRGB. sRGB is ideal for matching with the projector, but any RGB format is fine.
  6. Color Profile for the projector is sRGB IEC61966-2.1. For best results, convert your image to this color profile and use a calibrated monitor. Depending on the photo editing software you have, this setting can usually be found in Edit – Convert to Profile, or Edit – Color Settings, or Image – Mode. If this is confusing, don’t fret, all cameras capture images using one of several RGB color profiles which will produce fine results.
  7. If using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, check the Scale Styles, Resample Image and Constrain Proportions options, so the aspect ratio stays the same.

Register with PhotoContest Pro

In order to use PhotoContest Pro, first-time competitors must register by emailing your first and last name, email address and your phone number (in case we need to contact you regarding your registration) to the Digital Competitions Chairperson – – with “New Competition Request” in the subject line of your email.

If the link doesn’t open an email message, copy the email address above, go to your email, compose a new message, and paste the address in the “To:” field.

Please allow at least 24 hours for the chairperson to upload your information to the website. Once your information is entered, you will receive an email from the TCC Digital Chairperson that you are registered with website. To log in, go to

  1. Complete your registration by clicking on Login on the upper right corner of the screen. Below the regular log-in form is a link for  Logging in for the first time? Click here. This will take you to a screen where you will enter your email address. Where it says Organization you will select Teaneck Camera Club from the drop down menu. Click proceed. You will get a message saying: “An email has been sent to [your email address] with your password.”
  2. Check your email and login with your temporary password.
  3. Once you have logged in with your temporary password, you will be able to reset your password to something that you will be able to remember. To reset your password, click on where it says in blue lettering on the top right of the screen Change Password or Email. This step is advisable since the Digital Chairperson does not have access to any temporary passwords generated by PhotoContest Pro.
  4. Once you have changed your password, you will get the message “Your password has been changed.”
  5. If you do forget your password, simply click where is says in blue lettering Forgot your password? Click here. You will get a message saying: “An email has been sent to [your email address] with your password.”

Your Images

Go to and log in.

The number of entries allowed for each competition is posted in the Calendar page on the website.

Upload your images directly from the website by selecting the Submit Pictures option. You will have a choice of two methods for uploading your images. Method 1 involves downloading software. Method 2 is easier to use.

Mac users may be prompted to install Microsoft Silverlight. Mac users should also use the Firefox browser for best result – download it from

On the Upload Pictures page, all of the open competitions are listed on the left side of the upload screen. Make sure you click on the correct competition you wish to enter if more than one is listed. Some months, there will be two competitions listed: Pictorial and Nature. Also, be sure to select the correct class you are competing in: Beginner, Advanced or Salon. Keep in mind that you may be competing in a different class for the Nature and Pictorial competitions. If you don’t remember which class you are competing in, please check the Competition Scores page on the TCC website or contact the scorekeeper.

Once you have the correct competition and class selected, you can begin the process of uploading your images. Follow the steps listed on the screen.

  1. See Picture to Upload section.
  2. Fill in the title – This title will appear on the screen with your image during the competition. Your name and Teaneck Camera Club are automatically filled in.
  3. Select Browse to find your image file.
  4. Click Upload Picture.

Once you’ve uploaded one or more images, you will see that they are listed on the screen. You can get a small preview of the image by clicking on Show. If you make a mistake in your title or chose the wrong image, you can select Delete and replace the image. To get a full-screen preview, click on the image.

Submission Deadline: All files must be entered by midnight on the Saturday prior to the Tuesday competition date. The closing date for submission of images is on the upload page. The time remaining to enter images is also here. You will not be able to enter your images after the deadline as the PhotoContest Pro software will no longer show the competition.

Final Notes

Please try to use a calibrated monitor to preview and modify your images to ensure that the digital projector will display your images correctly.

Please do not wait until the last minute to upload your images. Everyone has computer or Internet problems from time to time. Waiting until one hour before the competition deadline to upload images will not give you enough time to correct any problems you may encounter.

Help: If you have any problems registering with PhotoContest Pro or uploading your images, please call the Digital Chairpersons or send an email through this link: Digital Competitions Chairperson (  Please do not call or email the president of TCC.