Year End Competition and Dinner – Judges Harvey Augenbraun, Doug Goodell, Marie Kane

Location: La Havana 59 Restaurant, 110 Moonachie Ave, Moonachie, NJ 07074


The Year End Competition is held to determine which are the best of the images submitted in monthly competitions within the past club year. (September 2012 to May 2013).

Along with the competition there is a full dinner, cash bar, raffles and medals awarded.

Year End Competitions will be held for the following categories: Pictorial Digital Images, Color Prints and Black & White Prints. A three judge panel will choose a Best of Year image from each category and group (Beginner, Advanced and Salon).

Pictorial Digital images must be uploaded to PhotoContest Pro by midnight Saturday, June 8th. Bring your print entries to the dinner with you or if you are not coming to the dinner have someone bring then for you (if you qualify, see below).

Club members who qualify (see below) may submit up to 4 images in each category. Images  must have been submitted in monthly competitions within the past club year. (Sept. 2012 to May 2013)

Images submitted must be exactly the same as when entered in the past year’s monthly competitions. They can not be altered or changed in any way.

Prints must be presented as they were entered in print competition with the original label on the back (no need for a new label). Also you do not need an entry form for prints since scoring is done differently for this competition.

To qualify for the Year End Competition you must have entered 10 or more new images during the past competition year (Sept 2012 to May 2013) in the category you wish to enter. For example, to compete in Color Prints, you must have entered at least 10 images in the Color Print competitions within the past year and may choose up to 4 of those images for the Year End Competition.

There is not a separate year end competition for Nature images, but you may submit nature images which were submitted in Nature competitions during the past year in the Year End Pictorial Digital competition if you are eligible to compete having had 10 new pictorial digital images. (For example, once you qualify with 10 new pictorial digital images and you think your nature competition images are better, you can submit four nature shots instead of pictorial digital images or any combination of pictorial digital and nature but still a total of 4.)

Contact the Scorekeeper Chairperson if you are unsure if you qualify.


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