Program: Travel Photography Tips by Ron Wyatt

Travel photography is about capturing a moment, a place or culture, and your digital SLR is the perfect tool for doing this.

Join corporate and editorial photographer Ron Wyatt as he presents his tips for memorable travel photography. In an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner, Ron will teach you the fundamentals of shooting great vacation shots, as well as capturing the flavor of local culture, and portraying landscapes in their best light.

Ron will discuss what you need to do in preparation for your trip, the practicalities of traveling with photo gear, and which lenses are best for various kinds of situations. He’ll discuss “storytelling with your camera”, offer tips for photographing people, and reveal his methods for great street photography. Ron’s presentation is liberally illustrated with images from his recent travel to China.

Ron, a self-taught photographer has covered the NBA, NFL, MLB, and two Summer Olympic Games. His photos have appeared in various publications such as: USA Today, Black Enterprise Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek, TV Guide, ESPN, and others. He has covered corporate assignments for Six Flags, Eastman Kodak, Continental Airlines, CVS, Pepsi Co, Verizon and many others.




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