Program: How To Sell Your Photos On Flickr by Bob Jagendorf

Have you taken advantage of all the Flickr photo sharing website has to offer? Club member Bob Jagendorf will present his program on the benefits of using Flickr.

Here’s what Bob says about his program: “Flickr is easy, fun and can improve your photography. I have been using Flickr for many years now, I have posted a couple of thousand photos, met many good photographers, gone on interesting photo walks, received almost 2,000 views and comments, had my photos used by websites, blogs, in books, calendars, magazines, newspapers and for CD covers. Why is Flickr the number one website for sharing, storing and selling your photos? How can you get a free account that lets you have an online backup of tens of thousands of photos? What is the secret to getting views, comments and even sales. (I have sold thousands of dollars of photos over the years.) I will show you how to use Flickr easily and get the maximum benefit and enjoyment. ”



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