Photographer from London Visits on Studio Night

By Ellen Bedrosian

A few weeks ago, I received a message on TCC’s Facebook page from David Tachauer from London, England. He told me he was a photographer and a member of a camera club. He comes to Englewood, NJ twice a year to visit his son, and asked if he could come to one of our meetings. I wrote back to him and told him he was welcome to visit anytime.

David Tachauer by Leslie Young

I promptly forgot about the exchange because I get quite a few messages from people who express an interest in coming to a meeting to find out more about the club. Most of them never show up.

Imagine my surprise when Dianne Glasner told Rachel, me and other members of the Executive Board that he had shown up at the club on Studio Night! As Diane told the story, “Normally on studio nights we do not permit guest participation, but an exception was made. David Tachauer, of London, England was our guest representing the Woodford & Wanstead Photographic Society.”

David took photos of the models and even offered to pose for our shooters. And Diane reported that he was the first person to give her the images from Studio Night to give to models who donated their time to the club.

We hope to see David again when he returns to New Jersey, and if anyone ever visits London, we are welcome to visit him at his club.


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  1. Ellen


    Gryffindor or Slytherin? lmao. Sorry to have missed you, David. Hope to meet you next time your in town.

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