My favorite photography blogs

By Ellen Bedrosian

If you’re in need of some creative inspiration, want to learn some new photography or post-processing techniques, or are interested in learning about photographic opportunities beyond your own backyard, photography blogs are wonderful resources.

One of my absolute favorite photographers is Denise Ippolito. She always surprises me with unique and innovative fine art images. Yet, she is also an accomplished nature photographer as well. She is willing to share her secrets on Facebook and seems like she would be a fantastic workshop leader who offers a wide variety of creative adventures.

Denise Ippolito’s fine art images

Another resource that’s full of creative advice is Awake the Light written by Mollie Isaacs. With before and after photos to help guide you through her post-processing, she always has tips for enhancing your images. She also poses some interesting questions, like: Is it cheating to crop an image? Her blogs provide technical data so you can try to reproduce her results.

An informative and engaging presenter, Tony Sweet is usually on the cutting edge of new photographic techniques. He was one of the first to give entire classes about iPhone photography. His encyclopedic knowledge of filters, textures, and plug-ins can lead to information overload after a seminar, but he’s very friendly and willing to answer questions after his seminars or via email.

John Paul Caponigro strikes me as being one of the more philosophical photographers. To learn more about the artistic mind behind photographic creations, read his blog for a wealth of information beyond the technical aspects of creating an image.

Richard Bernabe writes the funniest things (even making fun of himself) as in his recent blog post entitled  Of Radiance and Lameness. Besides his somewhat twisted sense of humor, intriguing images are the main focus of this extremely talented photographer’s blog. Oman is now on my bucket list after seeing his stunning images from that trip.

When I learned that Jeff Norton had planned a trip to Bandon Beach, Oregon, I asked him if he had ever seen Susan Dimock‘s blog. He hadn’t heard of her but was happy to get the link to her website I sent him. Being in her backyard, Bandon Beach sunsets are a favorite subject of hers, not to mention the incredible bird photographs she captures.

Please feel free to share some of your favorite blogs with other TCC members in the comments section. We’d love to see them.







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