Giving back to the community (and your camera club, too)

By Ellen Bedrosian

National Volunteer Week is from April 6-12 this year. Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week celebrates all who donate their time, expertise and passion into making their communities a better place in which to live. From EMTs and firefighters to animal shelter dog walkers and photographers (yes, even us) we all having something to offer for the causes or places that we care about.

Not too long ago, TCC members volunteered to photograph river clean-ups organzied by Hackensack Riverkeeper so that that they could illustrate their publicity campaigns.  Many images on their website and in print were used to entice new volunteers to help with the river clean-ups.


Hackensack Riverkeeper volunteer with his his canoe.

If you’d really like to make a difference by volunteering your time to a hobby you care deeply about, like photography, why not consider becoming a volunteer for Teaneck Camera Club? We’re always looking for fresh ideas and helping hands for projects and events. We are in special need of a computer-savvy member to help with the digital competitions. Contact President, Rachel Katic or Digital Competition Chair, Laura Downs-Buma.

If you’d like to consider some hands-on photographic volunteer opportunities, Tiny Sparrow might be for you.  Based out of Texas, Tiny Sparrow’s mission is to provide families whose children have life-threatening illnesses with lasting memories through professional photographs. Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the United States. We have some excellent portrait photographers in our club, so be sure to check out their website.

The amazing thing about volunteering is that you get back so much more that you give. There’s a Sanskrit Mantra I learned while meditating one day: Om Vardhanam Namah. Translated, it means: I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me. Ask anyone who volunteers on a regular basis, like our President, Rachel Katic who, along with her dog, Rocky, volunteers at Holy Name Hospital. It’s an experience that brings smiles to all faces great and small.

rocky holy name

Rachel Katic and Rocky volunteer at Holy Name Hospital. Both Rachel and Rocky are certified for pet therapy at medical facilities.



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  1. rachel

    You did an excellent job with this story. I hope it inspires members to help give back to their communities, people, or
    animals in need. Even if everyone in the club just gave one day of their time to a good cause, it will all add up quickly.

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