Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Judging

By Ellen Bedrosian After a recent competition, the Executive Board was asked to write guidelines for judges to use when scoring images. It seemed that some members felt that judges were being inconsistent in their critiques and subsequent scoring. Since I’d been judging for over a year, I volunteered to write it up. I got

The Power of Tagging Your Photos

By Ellen Bedrosian When the cherry blossoms bloom, it’s a big event around the word. Entire festivals in many cities revolve around the awakening of the pink beauties from their winter slumber. Tokyo and Washington D.C. are particularly well-known cherry blossom destinations. Closer to home is Branch Brook Park that spreads across the cities of

Waking up to Magic

By Ellen Bedrosian I think every photographer in Bergen County woke up with the same idea on Friday morning (2/5/16). The overnight snowfall was pure magic. A winter wonderland of epic proportions. It was heavy and full. The trees and shrubs were majestic in their winter white. Alas, I had to take my 89-year-old mother

Crossing Over to the Dark Side

By Ellen Bedrosian During the summer, I participated in training given by the NJFCC to become a judge.  Although not quite as bad as Anakin Skywalker crossing over to the dark side and becoming Darth Vader, my main reason for becoming a judge was simple: I felt that the current pool of judges generally scored creative