Capturing the Colors of Autumn

By Ellen Bedrosian

When the email from Olympus hit my inbox with the above title, it was one of the few times I didn’t click it into the trash without reading it. I think it’s safe to say that for most photographers, autumn is the favorite season for shooting. For photographers inexperienced (or unsatisfied) at capturing this miraculous phenomenon of nature, Olympus offers some excellent tips on exposure and post-processing.

The leaves are turning every day, so it’s important to keep track of where the fall foliage is optimum. One good website is The Weather Channel where you can enter any zip code you want to see what’s happening and plan your travel.


If you plan on sticking close to home and want up-to-the-minute foliage report from local hikers, check out NJ Hiking for updates from those who have been out in the field.

Other useful sites for tracking the turning leaves are:

The Foliage Network

U.S. Forest Service

Farmers’ Almanac

For more tips on photographing fall foliage, be sure to check out our post from last year.



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